Thursday, November 4, 2010

New Scrapper in Town - Jaime

Its always a pleasure to find another scrapper friend - Jaime emailed me last week and we are pleased to introduce to our growing scrapping family - Jamie. (please click on the link to go to her blog)

This is a small write up about Jaime:

Let me briefly introduce myself.
Well, my name is Jaime. I was into scrapping since 2008 but I have stop for a while ever since I have my first child.
Now I am so into it again and would like to share and be part of the 'scrapping' group.
I do have a blog, not so much about scrapbooking at the moment but you can find some of my previous work here and there.
Please do visit "" 

SI (Scrapping Inspirations) would like to welcome Jaime to our every growing Malaysian scrapper community.  We are sure we have more scrappers out there and if you wish to be featured,  please contact us at


Creative Busy Bee said...

Hi! Jaime! Welcome to the SB world.

Jaime Lee said...

CBB: Thank you for your support.

Michelle: Thank you for posting me up! Is good to know you and all fellow scrappers too.